About Us


Who Are We?

MARS (Model Agency Reporting System) is beneficial software aimed for the modeling, creative and recruitment agencies.  Along with our dedicated support team, we have developed MARS for 3 years. MARS saves time, money and effort, it integrates various IT systems to reduce administrative costs. For example, you can accomplish all HR and accounting processes linking to your back-office systems. The system records, organises and plans ahead in order to improve levels of operational efficiencies.

Our Success: 

MARS is a cutting edge technology and thrive for success. We connect both agents and models in real time with the system and the mobile app. After successfully installing the programs to leading modelling agencies, there has been a huge improvement to the way they manage and address their invoices in accounts. Our dedicated team of support is our key factor to success. We understand how the fashion and talent industry works and MARS works to tailor agencies and their needs.

“We took on the system only a few months ago. We represent models abroad so they prefer to be messaged than emailed. They system lets you do this with it’s live chat. It’s great!”

‘We are a big team of 20 and the system is great to manage all our clients and talents. Everyone can access the system and view all talent details making it extremely effiecient for the agents to march talents to briefs. We can send job directly to the talent’s phone and all they need to do is accept or decline. All the feature interlinks and communication has been great between the agents and the models.”